7 Ways To Improve Your iPhone Battery Life

By the time it gets to 4 pm, suffer from a dying iPhone battery? Improving the battery life of your iPhone is something a lot of mobile users want to know. Using your smartphone so often, and testing it for almost everything in your everyday life, it can really drain the battery and possibly leave you with a dead phone-just when you need it most!

So, here are a few tips for prolonging and enhancing your iPhone battery life: turn to Airplane mode when you don’t need your cell-a weak signal is one of the biggest culprits for battery drain on iPhone batteries; your phone is constantly searching for signal, and if you’re in a poor signal place, it can put a strain on your battery. You may want to consider switching on Airplane mode (find in’ settings’). If you’re in a meeting or traveling, it’s a good idea-just remember to turn it back to normal later or you won’t receive calls. You should also seek and use Wi-Fi, whenever possible, instead of cellular data.Visit Liberty Iphone Battery Replacement for more details.

Get rid of background apps-You’d be shocked at how many applications your iPhone is running in the background. A lot of people work hard giving you updates and sucking away your iPhone battery. You can double-click your home key and the open apps will appear on your screen; just swipe up on the app screens that you don’t want to run. Do this daily-you’ll be surprised at how many you’ll open up! You can also go to Settings > Notification Center to pick the applications from which you don’t want notifications.

Get rid of dynamic backgrounds-At first they look pretty, but moveable or dynamic backgrounds drain a lot of battery life. So pick your lock and home screen for a normal picture. Go to Settings > Wallpapers, then pick an image from your gallery, or a supplied image from storage.

Manually check your email-This advice depends on how much email you want, and how often you want it to be coordinated. If you just need to check emails every few hours, choose to have push emails instead of fetching. The options for doing this can be found in Settings.

Turn off Location Tracking-Usually you don’t need devices to know constantly where you’re. To avoid this, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn off all of them, or pick specific applications that you don’t want to watch.

Think of fire-Look for your camera. This means you won’t let your iPhone lie in direct sunlight or a lot of heat. If it gets hot while charging, remove the case or any excess parts of your iPhone to allow it to cool down.

Get a new battery-If you find the charging on your iPhone batteries very bad, you might consider buying a new one. That can really extend your phone’s existence. When you want to do this, make sure that you use legitimate battery replacements for your iPhone when you look at Apple spare parts online. Only a real and genuine iPhone battery will be good for your phone-so don’t be fooled into thinking it would be just as good for a mediocre unbranded battery. It could do more damage to your phone than just help!