A Note on Quality Control the Label

Your labeling system is a critical part of the manufacturing process. A good labeling system can churn out high quality labels quickly, while a poor one can be an absolute nightmare. Here are some of the most important factors that go into a high quality labeling system. Have a look at Quality Control the Label for more info on this.

Poor systems can often become a bottleneck in the manufacturing process. A high quality system will be able to label a large number of products quickly.

Wrinkles and Air Bubbles
Certain labeling techniques frequently generate air bubbles or wrinkles. This looks unprofessional and can distort colors, graphics and logos. A good system will have safeguards in place to prevent these defects.

Tipping and Skewing
Tipping and skewing is another big issue with labeling systems. This is an especially important issue over time. Some machines wear down poorly, causing them to skew their labels over time. High quality machines will maintain the right print ratios for a long period of time.

Position and Printing Accuracy
A high quality labeling system will be able to print and press labels with precise accuracy. If your product is sitting on a shelf, each product should look exactly like the next, down to the individual pixel.

Shape Support
Differently shaped products will often require different kinds of printing equipment. For example, conical, curved or round products will often require special equipment. This equipment needs to be able to measure the curve and apply the label accurately from one end to the other. Some types of equipment can support multiple different shapes.

If you have an irregularly shaped object, such as a convex curve or labeling over edges, you’ll also need specialized equipment. For example, labeling on small wires requires specific machinery that can apply labels on a micro level.

Multi-Label Capabilities
High quality labeling machines can often support labeling multiple sides of a product at the same time. For example, the machine can apply a label on both the top and the bottom, or on the top and the side at once. This saves time, as well as cuts down on the different steps in manufacturing, cutting down costs and increasing efficiency.

These are some of the most important things to look for in a high quality labeling system. Remember: your labeling system is an integral part of the whole manufacturing process. A great system will deliver a great customer impression, while a poor system can slow down the whole manufacturing process.