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Buying a property is an exciting, but stressful time, especially for first home buyers. Many people are surprised to discover that the process doesn’t start with touring houses — it actually starts well before this point. Before you can even start looking at homes to buy, consider taking care of these three initial steps: getting your finances in order, researching the area of town you want to live in and determining whether you prefer new or pre-owned homes. These steps can help ensure that looking for the perfect place to live is a fun process, but they can also help reduce the stress first home buyers can have.You may want to check out Fort Worth we buy houses for more.

Get Finances in Order

The first thing to do is to get your finances in order. This means paying off debts, working to save for a down payment and making smart credit decisions. If you have debt, work to pay it off. This will help make the mortgage approval process an easier one, as lenders will see you as less of a credit risk. Additionally, many lenders appreciate it if the buyer has 20% of the cost to put towards a down payment. Buyers who finance more than 80% will likely need to pay for mortgage insurance and this can typically figure out to be 1% added onto the regular interest rate.

Research the Area of Town You Want To Live In

Another step that can be done alongside getting your finances in order is to determine what area of town you want to live in. Some people choose their location based on proximity to their jobs. Other things to consider are proximity to shopping centres and supermarkets, which way the house will face (the orientation of the windows can affect heating and cooling costs), the proximity to schools and more.

Decide on A New Property Vs. A Pre-Owned One

The choice of a new property vs. a pre-owned one is a very personal decision. Many first home buyers want the chance to be the first people to live in a house, which means they’ll need to research home builders. Oftentimes, buyers will be able to work with home builders to completely personalise each and every aspect of the house, from the fixtures in the kitchen, to the flooring that’s throughout the property.