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Live streaming your appearance at the trade show has many big advantages-the most important of which is to extend your public. With the majority of major U.S. conferences taking place in only a few cities, you would definitely want to meet individuals who are unable to attend in person. Fifty percent of the biggest U.S. trade shows take place in Las Vegas, Orlando or Chicago, according to Live streaming and virtual event development offer all stakeholders an opportunity to remain active even if in-person participation is not an opportunity. Check Live Hub Events – Live-Streaming Company.

Live streaming of your case will also help you, as they say, keep “up with the times.” Webcasting and interactive media are just becoming more popular, so don’t be left behind. Shows and exhibitors continue to search for fresh and innovative ways of incorporating virtual activities into their overall strategy. Live streaming, for example, had been all over at CES 2015. During the case, technology giants Sony, LG and Samsung all streamed online press conferences.


In essence, live streaming requires only a camera, audio and an Internet connexion. Equipment may vary-you might want an external microphone for improved audio quality , for example. You’ll also need software encoding to compress your video into a digital stream. If you are unsure where to get started, there are several companies that can give you webcasting capabilities at an affordable rate. Ustream and livestream are several big names.

There are several applications for this immersive technology to be used. For example , major events such as press conferences and presentations can be streamed. You may also award your booth the right to feed and display product demonstrations. As another forum to encourage brand recognition, you can also use a virtual presence.

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Interactivity is one of the most essential components to include in any virtual event. To involve the virtual audience in the experience, you can view interactive diagrams or brochures on line. Online polling can be generated and feedback or questions encouraged. Set up one-on-one meeting remotely as you would with attendants at the live booths.