Baby Wraps – Review of the Baby Wearing Technique

“Baby wearing” as it is called, only came to my attention after we were given a booklet by the hospital on how to comfort your crying child. This was followed by a brochure called “42 explanations for holding your boy” The booklet pointed out that in their daily routines many modern parents tend to overuse prams, bouncers, and bassinets. The hospital seemed to be worried with busy modern parents making their kids “cry it out” because research shows this is not suitable for children under one. Parenting philosophies aside, I was interested in having a way to comfort my baby and at the same time have my hands free. navigate here

A trip through my local shopping mall proved I wasn’t alone. I quickly lost track of smiling mums carrying infant wraps and healthy little kids. We have saw our pal abroad on Instagram, holidaying with her three-month-old son in Egypt and sporting a Moby baby blanket. We asked her about it and she recommended one to us with all her heart.

Because of the soft wide material, I was interested in the baby wrap too. It isn’t digging into your body like backpack straps. Alternatively, it coils softly around your core, then moves around your shoulders and hips. This produces a baby pocket that equally distributes the weight, which eliminates the feeling of dragging the head forward and thereby preventing neck pain.

The wrapping procedure has a small learning curve to get used to. Before I mastered the technique I had to watch a number of videos online and study the step-by-step instructions. The duration of the wrapping ensures putting on while you are out can be uncomfortable, so I always put the cover on before I leave the house. Ultimately it gets as natural as tying your shoelaces together. You can wear your child in various positions as the baby grows and develops control of the legs and necks. It’s just a matter of binding another “knot”

There are many different brands, and they cost only around $50. We ended up buying the Moby Wrap after reading all the supportive testimonials from physicians, online reviews, and trusted friends, and it turned out to be one of the most useful items we possess. I’ve always taken him places in the wrap since baby was born and left the pram at home just for power walk. I am hands-free as a baby wearer, able to fill in forms, carry shopping, push the trolley, answer my telephone, breastfeed or eat a meal myself. Baby is safe, and always with me. He goes quickly and aggressively away to dreamland, which after a hard day is a wonderful present.