Car Driving Safety Tips- A Closer Look

The car has become almost a second home for many of us as more Americans find themselves stuck in traffic for more than 40 hours a week! In addition to doing your best to maintain your mode of transport, here are a few tips on driving safety which should be beneficial: Here is our website.

Don’t drive under Narcotics or Alcohol control. These tend to stifle your mind and your reflexes. Did you know that at least half of all fatal crashes involve alcohol?

Exclusively keep your mind and eyes on the driving. Don’t put on lipstick, text message, talk on your cell phone or eat a meal while traveling.

Do not get angry when a violent driver comes through. There is no doubt that if an obnoxious driver cuts you off, plows you through a red light or tailgates, you’ll be angry. However, the time to be competitive or combative isn’t dangerous situations.

Beware of sleeping by the wheel. That results in more than 200,000 accidents alone per year. Particularly bad is driving between midnight and seven in the morning. If you head off on a long journey, get plenty of rest the night before, wear comfortable clothes, listen to the radio and make frequent stops. Stop at a hotel or motel and get some sleep if you are feeling drowsiness.

Don’t be a yellow-light booster or an anticipator of green-light. Yellow light accelerators speed up to beat red light through an intersection. Green-light anticipators accelerate when they think the light will be changing from red to green. A significant number of traffic accidents arise at intersections, and many are triggered by drivers who second-guess shifts in the signal.

Steer clear of objects as big as trucks and trailers. Too often this blocks your view. Work your way around them carefully, and stay away (if possible)

Except in case you need to pass another car, avoid the far left lane. Drivers who want to go quickly typically stop in this lane; officials from insurance agencies label it the ‘death lane.’

Observe all basic rules and regulations governing driving. Set the speed to match the weather and traffic conditions.

Wear seat belts. This can not be adequately emphasised.