Chiropractors- An Overview

For over 100 years Chiropractic has been around. Chiropractic was initiated in the 1890s by a man named Daniel Palmer. He performed the first chiropractic treatment on a man named Harvey Lillard who had an issue with hearing. Harvey’s hearing was returned after the operation, and chiropractic born.

Today chiropractic is the world’s largest, drug-free, healthcare profession. Many people visit chiropractors to get natural treatment for various conditions. Chiropractic adopts a systematic approach to health, with an emphasis on the body’s spine and musculoskeletal framework.Learn more about us at Carolina ChiroCare and Rehab.

Chiropractors fix the neck and other joints in the body which have been misaligned. When the spine is misaligned it can trigger nerve pain. For this disorder the medical term is called subluxation. Spine muscles and ligaments may also get entangled as they are strained or hurt from the misalignment.

Chiropractors use their hands or special instruments to correct those misaligned joints by performing specific adjustments. To accomplish this chiropractors perform a variety of different techniques. The pressure is taken off the nerve by correcting the misalignment, and the function is restored.

Pressure on the muscles, not just the spine, may cause problems in other areas of the body. The body’s nervous system, or nerves, regulates any other organ in the body. This can result in a lack of communication from the brain to the body when there is strain on nerves. This can lead to body dysfunctions. An example of this might be a spinal misalignment that causes pressure on a nerve that controls the digestive system. The result would be digestive troubles.

There are several factors that could lead the spine to have misaligned joints. This can include the cycle of birth, sports injury, crashes, excessive loading or car accidents to name only a couple. Maintaining good posture and preventing damage to the spine is important to help prevent misaligned joints in the spine or other joints in the body.

Some of the key problems that chiropractors are helping people in the arms or legs with include anxiety, neck pain, back pain and numbness or pain. These types of symptoms are often attributable to nerve pressure.

In addition to the chiropractic treatments, many chiropractors incorporate physical therapy. The focus of the chiropractic treatments is to correct the missaligned joints. The therapies are designed to help muscles or ligaments that are also injured due to the misaligned joint. Chiropractic and physical therapy work together well, helping to restore body function.