EcoScapes Lawn Care Service – Benefits

In your lawn mowing company, you’re likely to have clients who don’t have the dense, lavish lawns they like.  They will, of course, have all kinds of suggestions on irrigation, fertilizers-right down to the height you’re growing the lawn!  The question may be even easier however – it may only requires aeration. Learn more by visiting ecoScapes Lawn Care Service.

There are a few tell-tale indications that are a strong indication that aeration is needed: Water pooling on the lawn after heavy rain Bare spots where seed clearly won’t take issue pests having a foothold Noticeable tracks in the lawn Growing numbers of weeds given how much weed killer you use though, the best way to get a good indicator is to poke the soil with a stick!  If penetration is challenging than you can aerate.

This basic method also suffices to conquer the compressed earth and add a fresh lease on life to the customers ‘ lawn.  Bear in mind, however, that if you have sandy soil in your client or stay in a really dry environment then you would possibly have to aerate more frequently.

The method of aerating a lawn essentially provides further nourishment to the grass roots, as well as making it possible for earthworms to run around. Through cutting down their roots, you can find it easier for weeds to take over and you will encourage the development of safe micro-organisms that naturally protect the lawn.  Finally, as part of your lawn care business, you’ll have less issues to contend with and your client’s going to have a better looking lawn!

When the weather is good it is essential to aerate.  If it is too dry, otherwise the soil would be too hard to reach the aerator.  In the other side, if it’s too warm, you’ll only make a mess and probably wind up compacting the dirt even further.  Ideally, you want a temperature period to optimize the long-term effects, so it should be perfect for at least a week after the procedure.

If the winter was warm, you will still need to aerate in the spring for your clients in humid, dry climates.  You’ll still need follow-up in the summer and fall to maintain the grass safe all year long.  Switch to aerating in colder areas in autumn as the cooler climate tends to make the lawns eco-system too vulnerable to handle in season.  I still suggest bringing your “ring” with you, so that you can easily test at any moment how far the planet has compacted.

If you need to cover barren spots or fill scant lawns, it’s nice to be explicitly supervised after aerating.  You have already arranged the soil for it to accept the seeds in the best way possible, so do it as soon as you remove the pulled plugs.  It’s always a wonderful time watering because the water will get warm and cool to revitalize the grass.

For several mowers nowadays, you may get aerator attachments as regards machinery.  If you don’t already have one, try renting one so you can get the look of the various styles and choose one that fits your working style as well as the lawns of your customers.  After the perfect aerator is installed, easily mow the lawn in the same way as normal, then rake it to extract the plugs.