Family Mediation Post Divorce

Family Mediation is a process of resolving family disputes involving a divorce that provides consolation, support and assistance to both parties in reaching agreement. While all property and estate transactions are handled by the judge, there are other problems such as child custody, visitation schedule, and other post-divorce more details about Charlotte Mediation Lawyer

Post-divorce, because of the adverse effects of divorce, our state of mind generally does not help to bring about a solution. Occasionally, because of the anger, bitterness and resentment you feel, you may be able to voice or say something that might mar your settlement after divorce and lead to further disputes.

Mediation helps cope with all of the emotional stress and saves you from all the costs of litigation. However, when we bring in the issue of saving a few bucks during the divorce process, it may sound a bit awkward but the fact remains that the less you spend on the process, the more you will need to start a new life and if you have kids you will have enough resources.

What usually happens in the process of obtaining a litigated divorce is that you end up paying the lawyer heavy amounts and relying solely on him / her to solve your problem, which is usually a slow process and may take ages. You and your spouse work together through mediation to bring about the resolution with the help of a family mediator who could be a lawyer, social worker, psychologist or some other professional. And this reduces your spending on hiring a lawyer, speeds up your process and you both work together to resolve the issues you may have.

Settling things through mediation also saves you from all of the emotional trauma and financial roller coaster that you are likely to go through if you drag the matter to court. Besides that, it could help your kids a lot in coping with your separation. Big upbringing decisions may be made about your children.

Without using your attorney, you can go for post-divorce mediation just the way you ‘d opted for divorce mediation. However, before you sign on documents, you can speak with your attorney about the decisions and settlement that are brought about through the mediation, to get a fair idea of it.

Post-divorce mediation is the most effective way to resolve conflicts which even after the final judgment revolve around divorce. It may not, however, be suitable for all individuals particularly in cases where one of the spouses has been subjected to abuse and violence. A group who wants to opt for family mediation must consult its solicitor to get a fair idea of the statute, its rights and other responsibilities. It is completely voluntary and if they are not happy with the proceedings either party can walk out of it.