High-tech firefighting tools- Insights

Being a firefighter is an exciting and awesome job. Nowadays, firefighters battle more than just fires. They respond to all types of emergencies such as medical and hazardous materials incidents. They should be equipped with the proper equipment for rescue and to fight fires. These equipment ranges from big machines like fire trucks to elongated tools like fire hose reels. To effectively fight fire, a firefighter must be well-trained in the use of firefighting equipment. Here is a list of some of the most important equipment a firefighter needs to rescue and save lives. click this site for more info.

The fire truck is obviously the most important equipment a firefighter need. Its basic function is to pump water using an engine via the water contained in the vehicle or the fire hydrant. Usually a fire truck is known for its bright red color but some countries employ the use of green or yellow fire trucks. All fire trucks have a seating of five firefighters, a two-way radio, emergency lights and sirens.

Another essential tool for rescue is the ladder. Sometimes a fire truck is operational with a ladder which can access roofs of houses and apartment buildings where conventional ladders cannot reach.

The halligan bar is often used in rescue and fire service. It’s a multipurpose tool that can be used for twisting, punching, striking or prying. It has a tapered pick, a blade and a claw which is specifically helpful in forcing open locked doors.

The hydrant wrench is used to open the valve of a fire hydrant. All firemen and emergency personnel carry this piece of equipment. It is a heavy duty cutter that can cut down doors in car accidents.

A fire extinguisher is a must for all firefighters. It is used to smother small contained fires such as kitchen fires. There are different types of fire extinguishers for different purposes. For instance, a wet chemical fire extinguisher is used for a grease fire in the kitchen while a hydrospray fire extinguisher puts out fires from combustible materials such as wood and paper.

The fire hose used by firemen works with high pressure and carries water to extinguish fire. It is either attached to a fire engine or a nearby fire hydrant.

Another firefighting tool is fire hose reels that provide a controlled supply of water to combat any potential fire risk including combustible solids. It requires connection to a pressurized source of water. Pike poles are usually used by firemen to search for fires behind sheetrock in walls and ceilings. It is made out of fiberglass with metal hooks on the end.