How To Do Flat Pack Furniture Assembly The Professional Way!

Stanley Knife-Used by specialised professionals in flat pack assembly to cut plastic covering from flat packs for cardboard packing. As the amateur flat pack assembler is vulnerable to scratching or scoring the veneer / laminate of the furniture / flat packs within the cases, most flat pack furniture manufactures prevent you from using a Stanley knife.Do you want to learn more? Visit Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

Non-marking Rubber Mallet (typically 16 oz)-Used during the flat pack furniture assembly process without marking or scratching or decoloring surfaces by skilled flat pack furniture assembly specialists to knock home end panels, shelves etc. (also suitable for knocking home wooden dowels without mushrooming the heads, which might create issues farther down the flat pack assembly line).

Cordless Drill Driver with Charged Reserve Battery (Minimum 14V)-Ideally with a gear clutch such that screws or allen bolts on your new flat pack furniture are sufficiently secured but not over secured. This instrument renders all the flat pack pieces simple to create and even greatly speeds up the assembly phase! In combination with the drill driver, the Drill Driver accessories mentioned below must be used and are an important piece of kit for every flatpack assembly expert! You can throw away your Allen keys using our strategies and say farewell to those blistered and swollen palms. These tools save time in bags and guarantee the assembly of first-class flatpack furniture time after time!

Posi-drive, Philips, Hex and slotted drill driver bits (a number of different sizes needed according to different specifications for flat pack assembly). Magnetized bits would enable the specialist in the flatpack assembly to line up a screw on the driver while holding the remaining hand free to maintain in place whatever is attached. Magnetized pieces, in addition to your drill driver, are an incredibly convenient and time-saving addition.

Drill bits-Used by experienced flatpack assembly specialists to drill wood and masonry pilot holes. Along with a cordless tool / hammer drill, drill bits are used to ensure that sufficient size holes are created to instal the fixtures when setting up shelves, securing the flat pack furniture to the walls, fitting toilet roll holders, blinds, curtain rods, etc. Flat Pack Furniture Assembly tip: When drilling holes into wood, such as to match wardrobe and drawer chest handles, always make sure that you start drilling the hole through the front of the drawer / door, then put a small block of wood on the other side of the hole to receive the drill bit then avoid break-out.

Hole Saws-Used by experienced specialists in the assembling of flat pack furniture to make a hole in the back or side of flat pack media cabinets or flat pack bookcases that contain plasma screens, speakers and hi-fi equipment easily and neatly. The connexion hole lets the consumer through and through the mains plug socket to feed electrical plugs from their appliances. In combination with a drill maker, hole saws are required. Using the hole saw product does a neater job overall and leaves your fresh flat pack furniture without some dirty wiring. Tip for Flat Pack Assembly: When constructing the entry channel, make sure you cut out where the frame of the furniture would not crumble (i.e. around furniture cams / dowels, etc.), and ensure that the channel is as out-of-site as possible as well.

Flexible Magnetic Drill Driver or 90 degree shaft-Used to mount a screw where room is limited by experienced flat pack assembly specialists. An illustration of this is when you want to repair the cornice to the top of either a fitted wardrobe or a flat packed freestanding wardrobe where the wardrobe is too low to the ceiling and you will not squeeze through the space with your drill driver. A stubby screwdriver might be an alternative to this method, but because of the time limitations when installing the furniture of our client, this will require so much time and make the construction expensive and much like hard work. The lightweight magnetic driver shaft is the perfect gadget for flat pack assembly and is a necessity for every experienced flat pack assembly.