Importance Of Axe Throwing Game

The Axe Throwing Game is a sport played by many college teams and recreational clubs. The axe thrower is required to wear protective equipment to protect the lower extremities and to prevent unnecessary injuries. The axe throwers must throw the axe and keep the axe blade pointed toward the target with one hand only while the thrower moves around, turns and is in mid-air. A yellow line is placed in the center of the field in front of each thrower. Check Twisted Axes Throw House.

The rules of the sport are pretty simple. The thrower is required to be at least twelve years old and weigh at least seventy-five pounds. If a thrower is under twelve years old, he/she must wear adult sized safety goggles or safety glasses. The thrower must hold the axe between his/her two hands. The thrower may not grip the axe by either hand. The thrower must also wear wrist protection and protective pads to protect the elbow. The axe thrower must never let the axe fall off of his/her hand.

The Axe Thrower is the person who throws the axe and is responsible for keeping the axe blade up and away from himself or herself. The axe thrower must be aware of where his/her thrower is located at all times and should be able to throw the axe in a direct line from that location. The axe thrower should always look to his/her left as well as right when throwing the axe. The thrower must also be able to see the target clearly in front of him/her.