Jewelers Maximize Profits using Jewelry Store Software

It is paramount in the life of your jewellery company to formulate a way to better understand your clients and how to anticipate their needs. This data will assist you in deciding when and how your money should be spent.Learn more about us at Amarillo Jeweler

Knowing what inventory to buy, what kinds of auxiliary services you can offer, if any, how to distinguish your company from your rivals, and how to build customer loyalty will greatly increase your income. You will gather this expertise from information obtained from your customers. And here’s how ….

Data from a customer database, generated with jewellery store software, will provide you with critical up-to – date information that will enable you to execute marketing campaigns with a greater likelihood of success.

In addition, you can integrate into your plan a method to assess the effectiveness of each strategy being implemented. If your desired profit margin is not met by a plan by a certain time, then you can redirect your efforts.

Gathering Valuable Data

An account in your system should be set up for any buying client or potential customer. You may want to collect the following information and type it into your jewellery store programme, in addition to the basic information such as name, address , and telephone number:

  • Email Addresses

Purchased good or service (including repairs and appraisals)

Price of purchase and image of the item

  • Requested details
  • Purchased guarantee and/or insurance (if applicable)

Any disclosures of gem quality addressed (i.e. treated gems)

Running papers and data analysis

You can now have the jewellery store programme produce reports to help you assess sales activities from the details given above, such as the following:

What items are being sold and which are not?

  • What is the selling price of the goods sold?
  • Is there a specific product line with a high return / repair rate?

What price range pushes the majority of goods in a particular line?

Using jewellery store software, there are countless ways to manipulate the data into reports to carefully analyse market conditions specific to your company, enabling you to enable efficient strategies to take advantage of emerging opportunities.