Kansas City Window Installer- FAQ’s

Once you set up a window installer in-house appointment, it’s crucial that you “pre-screen” the installers over the web. This will save you time and effort by removing options that don’t live up to your expectations from your first round. Keep in mind that your first phone call to a window manufacturer is their point of departure for the transaction. They’ll just as much require details from you as you’ll need information from them.

The window installer will want to get some specifics of your project: location, number of windows, kind of window you’re searching for, time line for your project etc. If they can assist you with your proposal, they will also try to set the appointment in house during the call. Know this request is YOUR fact finding project not yours. Make sure to answer your questions but make sure they respond to your questions.click over here Kansas City Window Installer

Questions to Ask for a Window Installer You can use the list of questions below during your initial phone call with the installer service. You don’t have to use EVERY request, (if you do, you may scare the contractor off) but it is strongly recommended that you ask for sure the first six.

  1. How long have you been interested in the construction industry? What is your unique Window Installations experience?
  2. Is there a particular window you consider or use? Why? For what?
  3. Do you have your own assembly team or are you subcontracting the work?
  4. What are your conditions of payment for this?
  5. Are you on hand during the setup process?
  6. How do I manage service problems once the deployment is complete?
  7. How long does it take you to build a ten window project?
  8. How do you finish the windows inside upon installation?
  9. Can you sell painting as a part of your setup package?
  10. Would you give an amount for that?
  11. What is the lead time from the moment you order to install?

12.In addition to the windows guarantee, what sort of warranty do you give at your installation?

13.Do you have any references for clients?

14.Do you have any recent projects that I can pass by to see how the street views the windows?

Making the appointment

If you like the answers given to your queries by the contractor, go ahead and set up an appointment to get them out and give an estimate. We are still recruiting for the position, but if you like what you hear it doesn’t make sense to call them immediately after everyone else has listened. If your “pre-screen” interview was not received by the developer clearly thank them for their time and the conversation ends. You’ll have to meet other installers and if this one hasn’t passed the telephone interview, a meeting in the house would certainly not change your mind.