Plantation Shutters Can Increase Your Home’s Value and Energy Efficiency

Looking for a way to improve the look and the value of your home? Try applying shutters to plantations. A style of window treatment dating back to the Caribbean and American south plantation houses of the 18th and 19th centuries, these styles of shutters are undergoing a revival, showing up in many contemporary homes.If you wish to learn more about this, visit Shuttercraft Cambridge Contact Us.

Plantation shutters are as flexible as conventional blinds or shades, bringing to the space an elegant look. They are equally at home in contemporary and vintage-inspired environments, and come in all shapes and sizes. For a completely personalized look they can also be designed into oval, arched or other window forms. But those wooden shutters’ enticing presence is just the beginning of their appeal. They are also: Energy Efficient In the plantation period in which they were made, the plantation shutters were all that shielded the inhabitants of a home from the elements before window glass became commonplace. People will open the shutters to allow in fresh air or a cold wind, then close them firmly against summer sun, winter chill, or a strong tempest. Similarly they were successful at monitoring how much sunlight reached the interior space before electricity became widespread.

The plantation shutters may have much of the same results in today’s climate-controlled era. Since they are installed into the window frame, so you can fully cover the slats, they are efficient in stopping heat transmission from inside to outside. They may be used for light access, enabling sunshine to reach either via the slats or completely open the shutters swinging. Such combined features will indicate that the lighting, as well as heating and cooling systems do not have to function as hard, contributing to lower bills.

A Strong Long-Term Investment Building shutters for plantations varies from merely hanging curtains or vertical blinds. Planting shutters are mounted in, rather than hanging from a rod or sliding plate. We are typically made of wood or a wood replacement which makes them a powerful fixture in the design of the room. Once within, they are as much a component of the construction of the house as they are a decorative feature.

How does all of that mean for your investment? The plantation shutters are first and foremost eternal and flexible. You will redecorate the space countless times, without removing the shutters, sometimes dramatically. At worst, a fresh paint job or coat of stain can be required to maintain them looking their best.