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Before that, you’ve seen identical vinyl banners, and you can picture them hanging with ropes, bound to the front of the building or above the entrance. Vinyl banners are inexpensive, immune to weather and can project any graphic you have in mind, so it’s no wonder they’re a common way to advertise your company or event.Have a look at Printmoz for more info on this.

But do not get locked into thinking that the only way to use this fun and practical kind of custom sign is to hang a regular size custom banner over your company. It is possible to customise vinyl banners to any size or specification and hang several innovative, eye catching ways to maximise visibility and attraction. Ropes are just the start!

Know the Custom Banner Signs’ Ropes

There are several different ways of adding rope for hanging and manipulating the banners, because custom banners come in a range of sizes that would make Goldilocks’ head spin. Indoors and outdoors, custom vinyl banners are also used, but whether or not a banner is exposed to winds often determines what kind of protection the banner requires.

If your custom banner is placed inside, such as against a wall, then you probably only need a regular size banner with grommets inserted into the corners. Grommets are essentially eyelets protected by hardware that prevents the tearing of the holes. The number of grommets depends on the size of the banner in every custom vinyl banner, and sign specialists such as those from our shop will help you make that choice.

Another vinyl banner design involves ropes already sewn into the hem and removes the need for grommets as a result. You may define the length of the rope to whatever length you like, and this form of banner is built to be tied, usually outdoors, between fixtures. The inner rope allows wind to disperse over the banner ‘s length and prevents it from being thrown around and potentially ripped.

If you need additional strength for outdoor placement for your custom standard sized banner, we can make a banner with rope sewn into the hem and even provide grommets. This design makes the vinyl banner more flexible for hanging in different locations.

So you have a couple of options for easy banner displays involving just rope.

Super Systems For Vinyl Banners Super-Sized

You need a Huge custom banner if you need to promote your company or event in a big way! These larger custom banners are generally hung outdoors, making them a bit more susceptible to winds and possible injury. We use webbing rather than ropes in the hems in order to head off any tearing at the pass. The webbing is stronger and wider than the sturdy cord, making it much more wind-resistant. And for extra big banners (Goldilocks will have her hands full of vinyl banners), to avoid sagging as well as tearing, we suggest grommets along with webbing. The message is just as strong as the custom banner itself on your custom vinyl banner!