Process of cloud hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting vs. Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is certainly something that more and more people are thinking about in these days, but sadly there is a fine line between marketing hysteria and performance-based principles that suggest as effective one service or another. You cannot afford to make any uninformed choices as an online business owner. After all, if your site is down, you ‘re not in a position to make money and at the end of the day, that matters more than hosting the streaming.Have a look at Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting vs. Cloud hosting: A Comparative Review for more info on this.

The concept is extremely simple as regards dedicated servers: you pay for a server and it hosts your website. Each month you pay the same amount no matter how many resources you use. Nowadays, paying for what you’ve used is an approach that’s as controversial as it’s innovative. Cloud computing is all about accounting based on use. In other words, if today you are using more server resources than yesterday, today you are going to pay for more. Websites represent an eloquent example, and they are subject to the dig effect every once in a while. Let’s take it for granted that your website receives 1,000 unique a day, but that it makes it to the front page dig once or twice a month. The result: a massive traffic spike that takes its toll into the server.

The owner of such a website has a hard decision to make: usually a Virtual Private Server or even shared hosting is appropriate if you only receive 1,000 visitors a day. On the other hand, if your websites receive unexpected surges of traffic, you might get in trouble.

Will you stick to your current contract and pay less? You might do that but what if the minute you start getting a lot of traffic from Dig your server goes down? Would you please let tens of thousands of visitor’s lands on a page that doesn’t load and never return?

How much does that traffic make you worth? Do you need to upgrade to a given server? If you go dedicated just because you receive more traffic a few days a month, wouldn’t you be overpaying?

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