5 Essential Car Care Tips

When it comes to car maintenance activities, it is well-known that a lot of people out there may not invest enough time or energy in keeping their vehicles in tip-top shape. Quite a few incidents happen every day because car owners don’t protect their vehicles clean enough and are poor in car maintenance activities. The truth remains that you just need to spend a mere few minutes of your time ensuring that your car is in good working shape to prevent potential accidents and mishaps.

1–Test Tire Pressure Regularly As regards car performance and health, make sure that you regularly check the pressure of your tires to ensure that they are not over-inflated or under-inflated. If you are unsure how to maintain maximum tire pressure, using a tire pressure scale. Even a well-inflated tire would offer better fuel efficiency. During driving, do not sweep too quickly on the corner as this helps to wear your tires far faster than usual.more info here

2–Do not overload your car Try not to overwhelm or overwhelm your car with passengers and that will have a detrimental effect on both the suspension and the absorber.

3–Service Your Car & Review Fluid Levels Consistently Make sure you keep your maintenance consistently on time, as this helps keep your car’s efficiency and reduces wear and tear results. Also, you can test the fluid levels in your engines periodically, such as fuel oil, brake oil, and gear oil, maybe on a weekly basis just to be on the safe side.

4–Wash & Wax Your Car Regularly In terms of appearance, make sure your car is properly washed and waxed to remove all the dust and dirt from the car’s surface. This will make your car look better, too, and you feel more comfortable. On average, polishing your car once in every six months will help eliminate dirt deposits that are trapped on your car paint, leaving the car looking brand new and shiny. Nevertheless, take great care not to polish your paint layer too often, as it can thin your layer too much.

5-Install Tint or Using Car Shade When your car is regularly exposed to the light, make sure that your car has an appropriate tint installed to block the sun’s radiation. That would reduce the harmful effects of sun heat on car seats and plastic components inside the vehicle. Alternatively, if you park under the hot sun for a long time you can use car shade.