Deck Builders – Designing a Custom Hot Tub Deck

Decks have become important components of the modern home, particularly when it comes to remodeling or adding a new home. Most homeowners enlarge their homes to provide an outdoor living room-a safe way of avoiding cabin fever even in the colder fall and winter months. Standard deck design goes straight out of the window as homeowners push the limits on the materials and designs to spice up their home design with client deck builders.Visit Raleigh Deck Builder for more details.

When it comes to building a spa deck, deck builders frequently consider using wood as the best material of choice mainly due to cost but also because it offers many of the same advantages as other more expensive material. Tile looks great, but should be used only in cold climates. Stone looks amazing when used around a pool or hot tub but it can cost as much as $80 per square foot depending on the product and method of installation by deck builders.

Homeowners will often ask for the more expensive tile and stone for its non-slip quality, aiming to create a safe environment around their spa. While this is great forward thinking, there are additives you can use in solid stain that will really provide a non-slip surface for your deck and it’s easy for deck builders to do so. For any outdoor spa setting stained wood is sufficiently slip-resistant with spaced joints.

Keeping Your Outdoor Private Space It’s not unusual for homeowners to add privacy fences around a pool area and the same can be achieved while working on a custom spa deck with deck builders. Privacy screens are a great addition to the hot tub deck and also deliver some measure of usefulness. Not only can you get protection and passive viewing from neighboring homes as a homeowner but the right deck screen can shield you from the sun. Seek not to shut it off entirely, if you want privacy in your spa area. To stop the “boxed in” feeling, use plants and lathe.

Deck Builders Typical Hot Tub Decks While you definitely want your deck to be special on your house, deck builders will work with you to determine the most appropriate design for your home and landscape. The traditional configuration for decks with hot tub and other spa areas is a minimum 12×12 set aside for the hot tub. Beyond that, the deck’s size is a matter of preference and the space available. Try to embellish the design a little so it’s comfortable; add chairs, flower pots or add a custom pergola over the top to your deck creator.