End of Lease Cleaning – A Closer Look

End of lease cleaning is one of the simplest ways to avoid repossession. Usually, a cleaning company will only perform a cleaning on a lease if the conditions that were agreed upon before the lease were met. Most cleaning companies will carry out an end of lease cleaning once the conditions are met, but it’s worth checking that the conditions were met before the lease was signed. Our website provides info about End of lease cleaning Melbourne.
End of lease cleaning is not required by most lease contracts. However, some landlords do require a cleaning done in the last three months of the contract. Usually, a full bond cleaning is performed every six months. However, this varies according to the condition of the property. It is also common for bond cleaners to provide short term (typically two to three days) contracts in order to get more money from you.
However, if you end up having to go to court over a lease dispute, having end of lease cleaning done can save you both time and money. In most cases, the landlord or owner of the property will pay the tenant directly, avoiding any middleman costs. Some tenants don’t mind going into court in order to get their money, but if they don’t have enough money to pay for their own legal fees, it’s usually not worth it. It is possible for a judge to order a company to perform an end of lease cleaning, but this is usually not advised because many of the companies that have been known to do this are well aware of the legal implications of doing so.
End of lease cleaning does have some disadvantages though. If the cleaning company isn’t experienced, it may not be able to clean as thoroughly as you would like. Some of the problems that you may come across include missing or damaged items, carpet damage, and broken or missing pieces of furniture. Additionally, if the cleaning company doesn’t have the correct equipment to do the job, the cleaning may take longer than it needs to be done.
You don’t have to do all of the work at the end of the lease. In most cases, the end of lease cleaning works out of your hands after the end of the term, although you can try to negotiate a payment schedule or add-on services, such as cleaning of the exterior, for a small fee. The best thing to do is to keep all contact information handy so that you can contact your tenant when problems arise.