Fitting Out the Interior of Your Sauna Installation

Now that you have finished installing your home sauna, it’s time to fit it out so you can get the maximum benefit from it. Headrests, and gadgets … That’s a fun part of putting together your sauna.

The timber you use for headrests and benches in your sauna is extremely important. Many sauna enthusiasts are insisting on using Abachi wood as it does not conduct heat well and stays cool even when the temperature is high. This is particularly important if you have a steam sauna (instead of an infrared sauna), as the operating temperatures are higher. Use wood that has no knots in it, as it gets hot, and you want it to have a nice smooth, splinter-free finish. You won’t be disappointed if you choose Abachi Wood.Checkout Neosauna for more info.

Inside your sauna, you’ll want a temperature gauge and a timer. These may be bought separately or some suppliers may have them in a single unit. They can either be digital high tech, or if you’re a little more of a traditionalist, you can go for ‘egg-timer’ design in sand. If you have a steam sauna, you should also invest in a hygrometer which measures the atmospheric humidity.

If you have a steam sauna, why not go for the authentic look by opting for a bucket and a ladle of water. You can choose between cedarwood or pine, to complement your sauna’s wood. Choose a product that has either a guaranteed no-leak or an inner plastic lining.

You can get special sauna oils which add a whole new dimension to your sauna experience. These are based on oils such as eucalyptus and pine for the aromatherapy. They add to your sauna a wonderful fresh fragrance, and help you relax.