Specifications of Greentoes, Tucson

I chose a Spa treatment for pedicure that included … Ok, you don’t need the specifics, but let me tell you that grater cheese stuff took off about an inch of dead heel skin and my feet never felt so good.About greentoes, Tucson

When I entered the lounge, I had scarcely noticed a very big woman on her cell phone. Still I found her out loud and clear about halfway through the procedure. I just didn’t listen to her. I had my earbuds down, listening with my own headphones to the classic rock station pulled down. I might even keep my eyes closed for a minute or two. Until I began hearing snippets about an issue at work, something about a lawsuit, and a lot of chatter on the public airwaves that really shouldn’t be out.
And so, on and on. And getting louder and louder. I was looking at the woman who was working on my pedicure and she was smiling at me. She and her colleagues stared at one another.
Finally, a tall slender woman who came in maybe five minutes earlier got up and said, loudly (I’m still wearing my earbuds) “I ‘m sorry, I just can’t relax with her shouting in here.” And off she stalked to the front, stopping at the cash register and adding “I’m going to pay for your time.”
At this point she eventually ended her conversation with Loud Guy. I returned to the Celebrity Theatre to listen for tickets to see Heart. Then the uproar began. Small Woman screamed at Loud Woman because she was greedy. “You ruined the afternoon for everybody. Nobody here wanted to hear you on your mobile phone. It’s not the place to make those calls.”Oh yes I do. I think everybody here is doing it. And no one wanted to hear your sorry-ass business concerns.” She looked at the rest of us staring over them. “How many people here believe she has acted egotistically?”