Saunas – Options For Residential Sauna Installation

No matter what you’re shopping for, knowing all of your options helps.

A sauna at home is definitely no different.

At least six separate options occur to own a personal sauna. My aim is to help make your decision a little easier.Do you want to learn more? Visit Saunas

Here’s your options list:

Sauna package precut home

Built-in package

Handy sauna

Sauna de fresco

Tailor made sauna

Make your own sauna

Here’s a quick glance at each of the …

Precut Sauna Pack at Home

If you have any handyman skills and enjoy the rewards of putting stuff together, this might be your pick.

Next to creating your own sauna, the least expensive full size sauna choice is pre-cut home sauna kits. But they do need more work to set up as well.

Your package comes as pre-cut pieces that you’ll have to assemble at your doorstep. That will include detailed instructions.

Modular kit to sauna

There are two advantages to modular sauna kits over pre-cut kits: ease of assembly and portability.

The compact packages contain 2 to 5 parts which are locked together to create a sauna of maximum size. Unlike pre-cut sets, you don’t need many carpentry skills to build compact sauna packages.

Typically, they are more costly too.

Portable Saunas at Home

Modular saunas are deemed portable. But the market contains a bunch of smaller and more compact portable models. These smaller saunas do not at all resemble traditional saunas, but they do attain the same goal of making the user sweat.

Portable saunas are definitely your cheapest option at home.

They are available in a variety of designs, and you can choose between a portable steam sauna or an infrared sauna.

Sauna de fresco

You can put your sauna kit together in your front or back yard, or on your deck or patio. It will have to be situated on a surface that is not penetrable. Outdoor saunas are specially designed to withstand elements.

Tailor made sauna

This option is certainly the most expensive, but it’s the most exciting one too! It’s your imagination that limits you. Manufacturers assist you in decision-making on design.

Build yourselves

Thousands of people have saunas from scratch, and continue to build them. That can be a very difficult task for people with little carpentry skills (like me).

Here is a snapshot of the steps:

O Design or purchase plans (conception, size, location , type of heater)

O Find and buy timber

O Mide and cut the wood carefully

O Put all the pieces together, including the door, heater and bench