Importance of Buying Stairglide

When you’re on the market to buy a staircase or a staircase because you want to keep your entire house accessible instead of being locked up to the main floor, the first thing you want to ask yourself is what kind of staircase you want to equip with a staircase lift. If the stairs are anything but straight up, you’ll probably need a curved escalator lift.You may want to check outStairglide for more.

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Usually curved escalators are custom made and require more surveying work and more complicated installation than straight lifts. So they have cost much more money. You will find in this report four alternatives to a curved stairlift that may or may not be for you, and may or may not save you money.

The options are: have two straight lifts of the stairs, get a hinged sliding cover and a single raise of the stairs, switch to another one-story house and reshape the ground level.

Get a straight double chair lift

This solution will work if the two consecutive straight stairs make up the stairs. Every straight passage can be fitted with a straight stair-lift. Surprisingly so, the total cost could be less than the cost of getting a single curved stairlift at today’s prices. The downside of this approach is you’d need to change lifts at midway.

Get a folding cover with shingles

This alternative would work if your stairs are predominantly straight but have a short twist to the top. You may “connect” the top twist section of the stairs through a basic wooden hinged folding cover at the door. Instead make the straight stair lift to level with the unfolded cover, and when you enter the top platform, you will simply step across the bridge. In this way you ‘d just need a single straight stairlift instead of a curved one, and you’d realize significant savings.

The downside of this alternative is the need to lower and lift the bridge whenever you wish to make the normal stairs again usable. That can take some strength from the physical.

Move into one story house

This is still an option. But are you comfortable with that, really? There are other down sides besides going through the processes of selling the house, buying a new house and all the dealings that go with it and then moving everything. For eg, on financial considerations. Is it going to push you to purchase a smaller house? Will you still be close to those mates you ‘re close to now? Will you intend to pass away? This option is last to be regarded.

Remodel your house

The last option will be to attach further rooms to the house’s ground level. Yeah, sure, you should install another bedroom and another toilet, then switch downstairs completely. Yet would you really want to become a “ghost town” at the upper floor? Such a remodeling undertaking can cost tens of thousands of dollars financially, and you end up with a house that is not fully used.