The Latest in Headlight Cleaning and Restoration

Cloudy, yellow headlights-anywhere we see them. All cars produced in the last 15 years have plastic headlights and, due to exposure to the sun and climate, they all start to corrode and cloud up. Not only do cloudy, yellow headlights occur in old vehicles, they also occur in vehicles as late as 2-3 years old. Not only is this corrosion and wear of the plastic headlight lenses unsightly, but it is vulnerable.Have a look at Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning for more info on this.

As reported by the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation, “Today, an average of 9 out of 10 cars on the road have dirty or yellowed headlights that significantly decrease visibility and need to be replaced or cleaned professionally.” So what does one have to do with these worn, yellow and cloudy headlight lenses? Until recently, replacement and an average of $250-$ 400 per lens were the only option (not including installation and calibration (aiming)). It was just too expensive for most people to pay for their headlights.

Aftermarket (non-OEM) headlights are available, but the savings are limited and reviews are mixed. It is a fact that aftermarket headlight lenses are awful in terms of design, fit and reliability (per Customer Reports). Many of these aftermarket lenses were poorly sealed, did not wear well and had leakage of moisture that significantly reduced visibility and protection at night. Without making modifications to the vehicle, some wouldn’t even match. Being that the cost of most aftermarket lenses is very close to the cost of the dealer’s (OEM) original equipment, Customer Reviews gave them a low value and poor overall ranking.

An inexpensive and reliable alternative has now been implemented with the recent introduction of proprietary headlight cleaning and repair kits. It is now possible to restore worn, yellow and cloudy headlights to a new state. With these headlight cleaning and repair kits, harsh UV damage from the sun and other environmental damage can now be reversed. This is a fix that has not only been shown to be highly effective, but one that a mechanic or body shop technician does not need to do. The average user will make use of these headlight cleaning kits. This proprietary cleaning and repair kit for headlights is available for less than $20 and is therefore much more cost-effective than replacement and aftermarket lenses.

Since clear plastic headlights are now standard on any car produced today and harsh conditions that cause them to wear prematurely do not go away, it is clear that these headlight cleaning and restoration kits are sure to be helpful and save money for customers and at the same time improve nighttime driving safety. Over the past 10 years, car dealerships have used the same headlight cleaning and repair kits on their used car lots, and now you can, too. Make your headlights shine at the same time and save a lot of money.