Travel Tips – How to Choose a Key West Fishing Charter

Are you coming to Key West for a vacation? Living in Lower Keys? If so, then you probably know that charter boats from Key West provide an quick way out on the water for both locals and travellers. But beware, not all charter services are provided on an equal basis! The Captain’s ability to deliver a fun and exciting day is the most critical aspect. For what often is a day you can never forget, the weather, place and your personal interests often play a major part.Have a look at Mahi Mahi Fishing for more info on this.

Headboats or charters on private key West

That is you have to make the first choice. Will you like to pay $50-$70 per person to go fishing by drift on a headboat with at least twenty strangers or pay $75-$150 per person to have your own boat? Since a headboat includes so many anglers, everybody has to fish their lines straight down. No casting or live bait permitted. If you want to go down this path, make sure you get there early so you can either occupy the left or right corner of the stern. That’s where you catch 75 per cent of the fish. There could be some sight-seeing opportunities but don’t plan to get off the cruise, go swimming or know a lot about fishing. Party boats provide a nice, low-cost way to get out and do some fishing but lack the captain expertise and versatility that private charters provide.

Choosing the correct captain for a charter for the private key West

It could be the single biggest decision you make. Seek a charter captain and make sure you know what you want to do. If you just want to focus on fishing, select a captain who can put you on the attack. If you have kids or friends & family who would like to enjoy something other than fishing, you may want to look for a custom or “combo” charter that provides fishing, snorkeling and other activities. Here’s a short list of things to worry about:

A professional captain who has a long history of serving as a charter or commercial fisherman in the Florida Keys and Key West is always a safe bet.

Ask if he or she is on a Wednesday. And if you’re not going to be in town that day you have to make sure you ‘re not dealing with a “weekend warrior” who’s only allowed to go fishing twice a month and have another full-time job.

Beware of the Key West charter captains’ ‘fuel surcharge’ since large boats could cost $50-$100+ per engine-hour to operate.

Mid-sized “centre screen” charters are the most flexible and provide the ability to fish in a range of water depths for any target species.

Larger charter boats with cabins offer air conditioning and convenience if you’re prepared to pay the highest dollar. These boats usually use trolling methods to strike billfishes. The mates will do all the work and if one should happen to be caught you will be given a reel with a hooked fish.

Find a charter captain who gives an experience in fishing, not just a promise to deliver fish. Many people catch a few fish and have a wonderful time because the captain made the fishing activity interesting and enjoyable.

Very few, if any, charters “guarantee” fish but ask precisely what that means if they do. The majority of charter services capture fish on each trip. It is unusual for a charter captain to “be skunked.”

See the website for images. When a charter captain says he is catching major groupers but he doesn’t have a single picture of himself on his website with a grouper … Look out. If the pictures appear old on the website … Look out. If, in many of the pictures, the captain is not … Look out. You get the picture.

Write Key West charter reports of fishing experiences of other men. Ensure sure the reviews are good, and people were having fun.

Climate forecast and marine forecast

Including the forecast from the atmosphere you will do need to find the forecast for the oceans. Anything bigger than a NOAA 3-5 foot forecast means you’ll want to reschedule. It is worth remembering that, until 12-18 hours in advance, marine forecasts are not very reliable and even then they may be incorrect. It is true that Key West fishing is best during rough seas but make sure you ‘re familiar with the charter’s cancelation policy. Others are giving no refunds unless they cancel. Even if anyone is seasick, they still claim payment in full. It is a smart way to hedge your bet against rain and waves to find a charter with flexible policies and/or one that provides other activities.