Using Promotional Polo Shirts To Promote Your Business

Everybody wears clothes, so why not use them to promote your company? In ways you never thought possible, promotional polo shirts, caps, t-shirts and other swag with your logo on it will promote your brand. Here are some unique ways to use promotional polo shirts or other promotional apparel to promote your company. Click this link.

Have a contest with pictures.

Picture competitions in each bring out the competitor. Give a free promotional polo shirt with the logo of your business on it and offer a reward for the best picture taken of a person wearing your shirt. Keep the contest in store with the winner being determined by customer votes. Customers have to visit your shop to get their t-shirt, drop off their photo and vote for their favourites. You get several marketing opportunities. In addition, you will get the ads created by the contest and the publicity of all those individuals on their chests wearing your logo. In the form of images that you can use in your commercials and advertisements, you can also get fantastic promotional materials worth months of advertising.

Send the street guerrillas out there.

Marketing for Guerilla is gaining traction. Rather than the normal channels, it’s ads brought to the streets. Many businesses employ models to sell samples of their items, or coupons for their services. Go for note of high impacts. Team up to publicise a fundraising event for a youth group. With your company logo on it, dress the entire party in matching polo shirts and send them out to carpet the streets in your colours as they pass out flyers and invites to their case. Hint: sponsoring youth groups and charitable activities provides excellent promotion and marketing opportunities.

Speak about charity work…

Selling promotional polo shirts or caps with your logo on them and donating the proceeds to your favourite charity, is another way to support your business while doing good. Your business gets great exposure, your clients and fans get to wear your name, and your favourite benefits from charity.

Choosing your advertisement promotional polo shirts

The colours and patterns that you select directly focus on your brand and logo for your promotional marketing products. When designing your incentives and selecting the shirts and other clothing that you will give away, give some thought to colour choice and style.