When Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace

Many who are presented with the decision to make a costly repair on their home furnace decide whether it is time to rebuild it rather than repair it or not. Here are some suggestions about how the decision can be made. this link
1- Is there at least 80% efficiency in your current furnace? Older furnaces may have efficiencies as low as 60%, which means that if the repair estimate exceeds one-fourth of the cost of a new furnace, it might be time to replace it. Consider running the furnace at approximately 60 percent efficiency. It will save 35 percent on your heating bill to replace this furnace with a 95 percent successful model. If you spend $1200 a year on average to heat your house, the savings would be around $420 a year. Know, utilities start to go up every year, so this figure will increase over time.
Now factor in your furnace ‘s repair estimate. Let ‘s say it would cost $650 dollars for the repair. At this amount, after the first year’s energy savings are added in, you’re near $1070 dollars for a new furnace. Annual energy factoring increases, and within four years, this new furnace will most likely pay for itself. This calculation is somewhat optimistic since other costs, such as the possibility for additional furnace maintenance bills, are not included.
2- Is your old furnace going to continue to be safe? This is an interesting question worth giving some time to, but we should be wary about salesmen who play on this point too hard. Without any big safety issues, many older furnaces will work just fine. The benefit of newer furnaces is that they are incorporated into their regular service with additional safety features. Integrated circuit boards help track many aspects of the combustion process and, if issues are found, can alert homeowners. Furnaces that are very old do not have these characteristics.
3- Reliability-How critical is it for you to realise that your furnace has a strong chance of working without problems? If you care about durability, then consider replacing your furnace. There is a point where there are so many miles in a car that the engine might not be worth repairing. The argument is, what happens to your pocket book if it takes $650 dollars to fix an additional furnace component a year later? It might be the right thing to do to repair a motor on an old vehicle, but note that there are other components to consider as well.
There are periods in existence where it is simply not a financial choice to purchase a new furnace. If this is the case, make sure you notify your heating and cooling company about this. You can find options that you didn’t expect, such as house financing, available.