When To Seek A Truck Accident Lawyer Near me

Close to three million Americans engage in vehicle crashes per year. The Regional Administration for Highway Traffic Health reports that eight percent of such accidents concern big rigs. Every year about 4,000 civilians are murdered. Because of the sheer scale of such automobiles relative to standard cars, 18-wheelers appear to create more severe accidents than crashes with cars. These cases are complex because they involve numerous legal considerations and are governed by both federal and state legislation. Because of this, it is important to consult an qualified truck crash lawyer if you are looking to get insurance from a wreck.You may want to check out Truck accident lawyer near me for more.

Why do collisions on 18-wheeler occur?

Some 18-wheeler accidents are really nothing more than mishaps. On the other hand, some of them involve unsafe driving behaviors and the trucking company’s irresponsible actions, meaning that they could have been prevented. There are several explanations why such crashes occur; some of the more prominent causes include:-Driver exhaustion — Disturbed or disabled driving — Missing components — Repair failure — Speeding — Inappropriately prepared freight — Extreme weather conditions — Tailgating — lack of experience with the route Popular 18-wheeler crash injuries Some of the most common ones include: Whiplash injury: This injury is typically the result of the impact of the blows jerking your head and neck forward, backward or sideways.

Soft-tissue injury: Soft-tissue injury happens as harm is done to the body’s connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons , and muscles.

Head injury: If you get a knock from an accidental stop to the head, the head can strike a glass, causing scrapes, lacerations, or concussions.

Bone fracture and organ trauma: the possible effects arising from such events include more serious fractures, including amputations, fractured limbs, hip fractures, permanent harm to the body and possibly death.

Psychological injury: The only negative effects of accident with a large rig are physical accidents. Victims may suffer from a psychological reluctance to driving entirely, or may not be able to remove their emotions from the case.

It is imperative that you head to the doctor soon after the accident, irrespective of the sort of injuries you might have suffered. While you may feel fine enough to return home, some injuries in the days following the incident lead to internal bleeding, brain injury and even death.


Despite the severity of such accidents, it is important to have a truck crash specialist perform the report and create a good argument to improve the odds of favorable settlements and appropriate rewards. Usually, they include the following during the investigation period in the lawsuit:-Look through the company’s trucking records-investigate witness testimony and findings-analyze the driver’s health record-evaluate the company’s safety record Claims By statute, these are various types in insurance that you can receive as part of the total claim. Your vehicle crash counsel should be able to supply you with specifics of the following damages: Economic damages: they include liabilities such as hospital bills and missing wages from missed jobs.

Non-economic damage: it involves things such as pain and misery, lack of family, and mental distress.

Punitive damages: This will also be imposed if the accused behaved in poor conscience may be proven.